Power brush

We are wire brush manufacturers of power brushes including cup brushes, bevel brushes, wheel brushes, circular brushes, end brushes, and single selection brushes, which are applied for surface finishing applications.

We are brush supplier and manufacturers of steel wire brush, stainless steel wire brushes, brass wire brushes, and nylon wire brushes, which are applied for surface finishing, welding, scratching, scrubbing, and cleaning applications.


We have been a custom power brush manufacturer of metal-backed brushes since 1957. We sell direct to clean users worldwide and also have carved our niche within the brush industry by solving our customer's manufacturing problems and assisting them in designing new services.

The Ability Brush is engineered to do well year-round. Our multi-functional power brushes give our the flexibility to scrub snow, slush, salt, sand and much more. View now.


Power Brush Automatic steering and traction control optimizes maneuverability without having levers or triggers. Includes a 120 Volt electric begin to provide a fast and simple method to start the electricity brush.


Must clean a surface without removing base material? Not like an electrical-driven wire brush. The prime quality wheel brushes, tube brushes, end brushes and cup brushes engineered by Weiler can effectively handle tube end and kit deburring, corrosion and scale removal, inter-pass weld cleaning, and lots of other jobs. The assorted trim lengths, knot configurations and wire sizes within our lineup offer options for optimal speed and effectiveness for any job.

It can be constantly evolving and innovating vacuums, floor care, and garment maintenance systems to fulfill the everyday needs of real people, just like you.


A drive pulley can crack whilst in use and make the auger/impeller or brush to remain to rotate following the clutch lever is disengaged.


For deburring and finishing, trust power brushes from Brush Research to perform the job. Choose between our choice of cup brushes, wheel brushes and more.

Get the newest product innovations that Walter has designed and created for 2016. Our company is rolling out the products that may help you are more effective.


The capabilities of power brushes provides solutions to many challenging production problems. Osborn engineers certainly are a valuable resource to assist optimize your process with power brushes %u2013 simply contact us to rearrange to get a free consultation.


Power Brush Machine is really a drill pipe, tubing, and casing cleaning system. Power Brush is a fast and simple alternative to traditional pipe cleaning techniques that could save you money and time. And it's eco-friendly.


Power brushes are great tools for durable applications such as deburring, weld cleaning, rust and paint removal, wire stripping and more. These brushes come in a variety of styles including wheel, cup, end, mandrel mounted, encapsulated plus more. We carry all types of power brushes to perfectly work for you. Browse our selection below and place your order today.