Paving Brushes

We are wire brush manufacturers of paving brushes for garden cleaning applications.


                Material Of Wire                                    Brass Coated Wire
                       Size                                             3*10
                  Dia Of Wire
                                        To Order
                   Lengthout                                         To Order

 The specification is 3*10 Rows.


This Patio and Paving Brush does two jobs with one tool! Perfect in the garden cleaning patios, pathways, driveways and decking. This handy tool comprises a hardwood head with a triple row of converging tough wire bristles which gives extraordinary cleaning power. Use the attached weeding tool to prise out weeds. It's perfect for smaller areas of paving, such as paved steps - or larger areas, such as driveways, that are heavily weeded. The brush head is replaceable - easily removed and refixed.


The Brass Coated Garden Brush is the environmentally friendly way of keeping your patio, paths, driveways, decking or block paving clean and tidy, without chemicals, pressure washing or bending. Custom designed to do the job with minimal pressure, its robust brass coated steel bristles create a powerful cutting tip to effortlessly remove persistent weeds, grass, moss and dirt from between joints, gaps and cracks. Lightweight aluminium handle telescopically extends between 80 to 144cm to reach the ground, helping to avoid back aches and pain caused from bending or straining your back. So effective and quick to use, it’s a garden essential wire brush.