Natural Bristle Brushes

Natural Bristle wire brush is for health and personal care, and the benefits of boar bristle brush include healthier, shinier hair.

Skin brush allows you to refresh your skin. The bristles are made from natural tampico fiber. The handle is made from domestic beechwood. With a specially designed handle, this pure bristle body brush reaches those hard-to-get-at places, especially on the back.

Most similar to human hair, boar bristles strengthen and add natural shine to your hair. Our quality brushes feature humanely harvested European boar bristles.

Brush with natural bristle and single nylon quill, which features a porcupine effect that is excellent for grooming and conditioning the hair. The light weight, perfectly balanced handle provides good grip and control. Proper brushing and massaging for a healthy scalp and hair, which offers a scalp massager made from natural, soft rubber that will stimulate and massage your scalp without risk of irritation. Daily massage increases the blood flow to the scalp and invigorates the hair follicle, stimulating your scalp and hair.

For medium length and long hair, the hair brush has an oiled pearwood handle and eight rows of soft, natural bristles. The natural bristles are especially good for your hair, as they bring the natural oils from your scalp throughout the rest of your hair to moisturize and condition, leaving it soft, shiny and healthy. The oval shaped grooming brush features a single nylon quill surrounded by tufts of natural boar bristle, perfect for smoothing.

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