Scratch Brushes

We are manufacturer of standard & custom industrial maintenance brushes including scratch brushes.

Types of scratch wire brush include hand scratch brushes, hand wire scratch brushes, shoe handle scratch brushes, curved handle scratch brushes, straight handle scratch brushes, V groove scratch brushes & standard scratch brushes, hand wire in curved & shoe handle, small hand wire, platers, chipping hammer refill, block type, scraper type, butcher block, platers, wire duster, metal chip & file card, fine wire brushes, steel wire scratch brushes, V-groove scratch brushes, duster wire scratch brushes, bent handle brushes, whisk wire brushes, wood hub wire scratch brushes & goblet style scratch brushes, wood handle welders brushes, plastic handle welders brushes, double sided plastic handle welders brushes, stove & appliance brushes typewriter utility brushes & typewriter upright brushes.

Materials include steel, stainless steel, nylon, polypropylene, aluminum. Scratch brushes are used for hand brushing mold sand from castings & removing slag, rust, scale & dirt removal applications. Stainless steel wire ccratch brushes with plastic handle for creating sgraffitto effects on scratchboard, dry point, and ceramics.

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BrushTech is the trademark of Brush Company which is dedicated in the manufacturering and research of wire brush including all kinds of industrial brush, hand brushes and power brushes.

We are brush manufacturer and brush supplier of steel wire brushes, stainless steel wire brushes, brass wire brushes, and nylon wire brushes, which are industrial brushes can be applied for scrubbing, cleaning, clear floor, and car washing. As a brush factory with many years' manufacturing experiences, we can supply high qualigy OEM brush.